White Peacock – acts of kindness and unforgettable love in action!

Dear friends,
White Peacock is an initiative from Active Social Responsibility offering direct help and relief through one-time donations to specific projects. If your heart is stirred to make a difference for others, but you don’t feel ready to commit to adopting a long term program – White Peacock is a perfect way for you to practice unforgettable love and care!

We have chosen to name this project White Peacock because it is a symbol of mercy and generosity, and combined with action, that’s what we feel the suffering world needs.

On this page we will present a list of concrete needs and opportunities for you to help. We will acknowledge the person who provided the help, together with pictures, a description of the beneficiaries and how these acts of kindness made an impact on their lives.

Below is a list of projects for you to choose from. Please contact us for further information about the individual projects and transfer of funding.

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