Active Social Reponsibility is to take the idea of giving back to others in need, and broaden it to include active participation of the sponsors in the growth and development of the area and/or people in need. To donate and give money is a fantastic thing to do, but it does not necessarily connect us with the transformation that can happen when we actively become involved and intimately familiar with a tragic situation. We want to create an environment where people who are sponsors and donors have an active personal involvement with people in need, that leads to a mutual healing and transformation for all parties(donors and recipients).
Nong Ook (Ban Arunothai), its proximity to the Thai/Burmese border and the plight of the ipmpoverished refugee Shan children living along this border, will be the first project for the Shools of hope. A group of families, in addition to be donors/sponsors, will act as a board of directors for each project, with each family agreeing to visit the project and assess its effectiveness, and then celebrating with the participants this ability to share from the heart, not just from the wallet. It will also be these family directors' role to raise funds by educting their friends, extended families and neighbors about the challenges and the people of these projects, and to give personal assurance that all donations will go directly to the people and projects, where it is truly needed.
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